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1.    To promote the economic mobility of the residents of the 5th Ward and close the racial and ethnic wealth and income gaps.

2.    To expand access to quality education and tackle the inequities in our educational system by increasing educational resources and interventions, i.e., Early Learning Educational Centers, Head Start Programs and Adult Education Programs.

3.    To expand and improve existing health care services, especially those providing preventative care, and those addressing mental health, drug abuse and domestic violence.


4. To address environmental inequities and injustices by 
     •    Employing fair electricity, gas and water rate practices and    regulatory policies
     •    Supporting ongoing water and air quality assessment to decrease the prevalence of asthma and other respiratory diseases so common among residents in the Fifth Ward.


5. To expand the presence of Green Space within the 5th Ward.

6. To increase voter participation and awareness of opportunities for
increased engagement by younger residents (ages18-40).


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